the three would form a company. Since their official debut in 2014, Red Barn’s popularity and production has grown tenfold including several kitchen moves due to size needs. With their latest focus on creating packaging that keeps crisps fresh for an extended shelf life without any preservatives now complete, Red Barn Lavash is poised to bake its way to the top of most-wanted lists everywhere. “Making sure that we can do the volume we need correctly and consistently without losing the integrity of the product is our focus.

Being able to have my hands in the dough, knowing how the consistency should feel, and being able to work with these unique Vermont resources is amazing,” says Lang. Take a cue from the pros and pair with burrata and honey for a delightful dessert or cover crackers with hummus or butter for more winning bites.

 Along with a reputation as an incubator for so many award-winning, world-class artisan foods, Vermont is also host to a bevy of awardwinning craft beer producers. Chef Lang realized that beer was being used as a liquid ingredient in many places and was motivated to take it a step further. Wet beer grains are difficult to work with and not many people use them. Incorporating a local brewery’s spent grains (which would otherwise serve as animal feed or compost material) to create a delicious product was the perfect answer. After connecting with the much loved, nearby pioneering craft brewery, Long Trail Brewing Company, repeat experimenting with 5-gallon buckets of their spent Long Trail Ale grains began. Through tireless trials, Brewfest Crackers were perfected over time to rave reviews. Scott Harrison, Lang’s long-time Killington resort colleague and a Red Barn co-owner, loved the lavash from first crunch and sensed there was something truly special worth exploring. With Lang’s interest confirmed, Harrison soon brought a bag to investor, Michael Pacilio, one sunny Vermont day. It was very fittingly decided over a cold beer while leaning against the red, roadside barn that would eventually inspire its name, 

journey across America since their inception inside of Vermont’s Killington Grand Resort kitchen about seven years ago. At the hands of its executive chef and future Red Barn Lavash founder/co-owner, Greg Lang, Brewfest Crackers were born from a desire for something unique and of high quality to provide the perfect ‘crunchy snap’ needed to balance the mainly soft textures of a high end restaurant cheese course. Bread would not do for this cheese plate. As a world traveler since childhood and a well-seasoned chef with native Vermont pride coursing through his veins, its no surprise Lang tended toward the local and sustainable as he set out to create, “I try to find out what other people are doing and then I try to stay away from it. And that’s what got me down this road. Being a native of Vermont, I try to be as locally sourced as I can in addition to (considering) what is hot at the moment.” That hot item of the moment was beer and it fit the bill perfectly to incorporate into a cracker that would initially be made for cheeses.


November 2017

ed Barn Lavash Brewfest Crackers have been on a long and  steady,  carefully - plotted